Energy and the telecommunications sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

As specialists in the telecommunications sector, we pride ourselves in our power storage solutions and established customer relationships with some of the largest mobile network operators and tower companies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our high-quality products and services are researched and developed to bring technological innovation and regional expertise to the African continent.

Key trends in powering mobile telecommunications infrastructure

According to GSMA, up to half the towers in Sub-Saharan Africa are currently classified as off-grid or bad-grid. As a result, the market is witnessing a transition to renewable energy, specifically focusing on solar + battery hybrid solutions with diesel backup. Driven by reductions to the levelized cost of off-grid solar power generation over the last few years, operators of off-grid towers that suffer from high cost of fuel are now considering hybrid power solutions to improve reliability and reduce costs.

The need for alternative battery solutions has emerged, with lithium battery powered hybrid solar systems being applied more widely in the telecommunications sector due to the following reasons

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